Ribbon Walk

This May, I will be taking part in the Pink Ribbon walk, all in aid of Breast Cancer Care.

Every 10 minutes, someone hears the devastating news that they have breast cancer.

Breast cancer is not one single disease, as there are several types. It can be diagnosed at different stages of development and can grow at different rates.  Men can also be diagnosed, although this is rare.

Breast Cancer Care provides help, expert guidance and information to anyone dealing with the turmoil of this illness. Their services are free and now widely available thanks to funds raised from events such these.

Here are a few examples of how your money can help:

£2 Provides a suitable headscarf for a woman who has lost her hair during treatment.
£5 Provides a comprehensive, easy-to-understand information pack for someone newly diagnosed with breast cancer.
£10 Teaches someone how to be breast aware for life at a local workshop.
£25 Trains and supports a member of our Nursing Network for a year to help improve the care of people with breast cancer.
£50 Pays for a personal Headstrong appointment to help women prepare for the possibility of losing their hair from chemotherapy by providing practical support and information.
£100 Pays for four calls to our confidential Helpline so people with questions or concerns about breast cancer or breast health can get support from our expert team.
£150 Matches someone living with breast cancer with one of our trained volunteers for six sessions of one-to-one telephone support addressing their individual needs.
£250 Funds a Breast Cancer Care hospital information point for a year so people with breast cancer, and their family and friends, have access to our latest resources when visiting the clinic.
£500 Provides a package of support to a younger woman with breast cancer; including access to our Helpline, website, publications and a two-day course with expert speakers and specialist nurses.
£1,000 Allows ten women with secondary breast cancer (cancer that has spread to another part of the body) to attend regular support sessions run by specialist therapists with expert guest speakers.
£2,000 Pays for two weeks professional moderation of our Discussion Forum so people can talk online to others affected by breast cancer 24 hours a day in a safe and supported environment.
£5,000 Pays for 20 people to attend a local four-week Moving Forward course with expert speakers and specialist nurses so they are fully prepared for life after treatment.


Last year, Breast Cancer Care managed to raise enough money to help around 1.7 million people!

I know we can double that figure!

I will be walking 10 miles on the 17th May and hope to raise £500 to what I believe, is a truly amazing cause.

If you would like to get involved or donate, please visit Silvia’s Fundraising Page

Good luck to everyone who will be taking part!

Here’s to the 17th May….better get my trainers ready.


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